Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings are considered complete once payment has been received and our forms completed and returned. Asgard Climbing reserves the right to cancel and fully refund any booking upon review of your forms due to medical reasons or if we feel you will be unable to reasonably complete the course.

Separate forms are required for each participant.

Once received the booking will be deemed to be final.

A refund will be issued in exceptional circumstances due to participant ill health or personal reasons at the discretion of Asgard Climbing up to 7 days before the booking is due to commence. Less than 7 days before the booking we will do our best to negotiate an alternate date.

If you are a single participant and book into an open session, if other participants cancel we will either offer you alternate dates, attempt to find another participant or offer you the course at a single participant price. Should none of these suit your needs Asgard Climbing will offer a full refund.

Asgard Climbing's insurance covers legal liability of the relevant activity to the clients. It does not cover personal accident or loss where there is no liability on the part of the company. Clients are strongly advised to take out insurance to cover the risk of personal accident, liability, loss of personal effects and cancellation.

Health/Medical/Special Needs

All medical issues must be disclosed on your booking forms immediately upon booking. Furthermore any injury or illness occurring after booking which is likely to affect your booking must be declared as soon as reasonably possible to Asgard Climbing.

You should be in a good state of health to participate, if you are unsure, suffer from a long term illness or disability please do not hesitate to contact Asgard Climbing and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs.


Weather can of course change right up until the date of your course. Asgard Climbing reserves the right to change the location and nature of your course right up until the date of commencement. Should the weather be sufficiently inclement that it is deemed to be dangerous to proceed, we will offer alternative dates or activities.


Adventurous activities by their nature entails some level of risk. As a participant in such activities you must recognise and accept such inherent risks and should seek to mitigate said risks as they become apparent. Asgard Climbing commits to foreseeing, forewarning and mitigating risks as they become apparent and where possible. It is expected that were advice and guidance is given for safety reasons, that it is followed. If at any point you feel unsafe and wish to stop the activities in which you are participating, please make this known to your instructor immediately.


Photographs/film taken by Asgard Climbing staff will only be used for publicity purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.


As per regulations, no personal data is retained after your trip without your permission. If retention is permitted, these details will never be passed to a third party and will only ever be used to contact you to keep you abreast of training courses and trips in which we feel you may have interest.


Asgard Climbing is not an ALAA registered provider. Therefore any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied on the activity by their parent or legally appointed guardian. To do so requires that the parent/guardian either participates fully in the activity or remains within eyesight and/or hearing distance of the activities so they are able to intervene should they feel the need arise.

Booking forms for under-18s must be signed by the