Beginners Navigation - What's it all about?

The Beginners Navigation course is perfect if you want to start hiking in the hills and mountains and you need to gain map reading skills so that you can safely navigate to your destination. This is the ideal course for you, introducing you to the basic concepts needed to achieve that. Over two days we will take you from learning how to hold your map, through to building a minds-eye view of the world you will be walking through. Along the way we will talk to you about everything you might need to know in a lowland or low mountain environment where you will never be far from safety. Courses will be tailored to suit the area in which they are conducted - so if you're planning on using your skills in the mountains, lets do it there!



£240 for 1 person (click here for information on how to join an open session)

£144/Person for 2-6 people


2 days


Dartmoor, Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons), Yr Eryri (Snowdonia), Mendip Hills


  • Beginners Navigation skills
  • Map Reading
  • Cartographic Symbols
  • Contour Interpretation
  • Map to ground and Ground to map Interpretation
  • Basic Compass Skills
  • Grid References
  • Taking bearings and travel on that bearing
  • Journey Planning
  • Access and Environmental issues
  • Weather and how it may affect your navigation
  • Emergencies and how to deal with them

Ideal for:

Aspiring hikers operating in a simple lowland or middle mountain setting, climbers and mountaineers wanting to improve their knowledge of how to approach routes.


8:1 Maximum

Fitness requirements

Low to medium. Mountain based courses will have greater physical demands than a lowland course. If you're not sure please contact us.

Prior experience required

None other than that participants should have completed some easy hikes. 

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