Lowland Hiking and camping skills - What's it about?

Enhance your hiking  experience with our two-day lowland hiking and camping skills course. With prior experience in navigating lowland and middle mountain terrains, you’re ready to elevate your skillset. Learn the essentials of planning and executing a successful lowland expedition. Our comprehensive guide covers everything from selecting the right tents and cooking equipment to mastering general campcraft skills. We provide support as you navigate from our starting point to our overnight camp, and onwards to the finish line on the next day. Embark on this adventure and transform your hiking journey into an unforgettable expedition.



£240 for 1 person (click here for information on how to join an open session)

£144/Person for 2-6 clients


2 days


Dartmoor, Mendip Hills, Peak District


  • Understanding and moving in mountainous terrain
  • Relocation during navigation
  • Reading complex contours
  • Night and poor visibility navigation
  • Micro navigation
  • Flora and fauna
  • Campcraft
  • Weather forecasting

Ideal for:

Novice hikers wanting to undertake multiday journeys in non-complex, lowland terrain.


6:1 Maximum

Fitness requirements

Low to Medium. These courses are based in hilly lowland areas and you will be carrying all the equipment you'll need for a night. You should be able to sustain two days of hillwalking without difficulty. If you're not sure please contact us.

Prior experience required

If you have basic navigation skills then this is for you. If you need to gain those skills, consider enrolling our beginners navigation course which we can run consecutively. 

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